Programme Participants

The World Science Fiction Convention (usually referred to as Worldcon) was established in 1939. It is one of the oldest science fiction conventions in existence. Worldcon has a tradition of being an all-volunteer convention. All programme participants will be required to have attending Worldcon memberships. Participants are encouraged to obtain their memberships sooner rather than later.

As with many events, Worldcon has limited resources. A new wrinkle for the Programme Division is General Data Privacy Regulations. Because of this, do not expect Programme to reach out to you first. We need you to reach out to us. Please!

To that end, we need you to fill out this form for CoNZealand Program Participants.

We will then be able to contact you in early 2020 about being on Programme.

If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see on the Programme (whether this is something you could participate in or just something you’d love to attend/see), please send your ideas to the team by completing this online form.

Bearing that in mind, this is a general outline of the programming participant process:

  1. We will send invitations to a number of those who have filled out the form or contacted us in batches. People we’ve invited will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to tell us what they would like to do, give us programme ideas, etc.
  2. We have an internal team who, based on input from potential participants, submitted suggestions, and our own ideas, will put together a list of programme items.
  3. We will tentatively assign potential participants to programme items.
  4. We will send out a draft schedule (probably about 8-10 weeks before the convention) to potential participants. Potential participants can then say “yes/no” to the programme items we’ve asked them to be on.

Once potential participants respond, we revise the draft schedule and make schedule changes as necessary. About 6 weeks before the convention, we try to have the schedule locked down for publication purposes.

Please note: all participants must buy a membership in order to attend CoNZealand. These are volunteer roles, there is no compensation for programme participants.

See also: Preliminary call for papers – Science and Academic Stream

Download the call for papers (pdf).