Information for Dealers

The World Science Fiction Convention – Worldcon – is an annual celebration of Science Fiction and Fantasy of all kinds, attracting thousands of fans each year from around the world. In July 2020, the Worldcon will be coming to New Zealand for the first time. 

Hosted at the TSB Arena and the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington, CoNZealand will bring together approximately 2500 fans for a unique five-day conference celebrating our genre. The event will include hundreds of hours of panels and discussion with leading figures in the field; there will be autographing, readings, parties, dances and a masquerade. One of the highlights will be the prestigious Hugo Awards ceremony, celebrating the best 2019 Science Fiction and Fantasy.

The TSB Arena floor will be the Exhibits space. This area will include exhibits and displays, an Art Space where art will be displayed and sold, and, at its centre, the Dealers Hall.  

If you would like to be part of the CoNZealand Dealers Hall, please read on. 

Be aware that this will be a curated Dealers Hall. We may not be able to accommodate all who apply, and we do want to offer a wide variety of shopping options for our members. Some adult rated merchandise may not be appropriate for this convention. We encourage independent authors and writing groups to collaborate on a shared table, and make one application. We may give priority to groups with creative proposals for a shared table

We require our Dealers, exhibiting Artists and programme participants be full convention members. The attending membership badge is required for admission to the Exhibits space, as well as all programme, ceremonies, events, game rooms and parties at CoNZealand. 

Memberships are not included in the Dealer Table rates. If your application is accepted, you are invited to trade, and you are not yet an attending CoNZealand member, then we will ask you to join the convention. We will offer a discounted membership rate for our Dealers. A Dealer may also purchase a membership for her/his/their partner at that rate.

A full convention membership allows access to all parts of the convention for all five days. Members may participate in the prestigious Hugo Awards process, downloading a complimentary selection of the nominated genre works of 2019, and then casting their vote for the best of the best. 

The following updated rates are for tables in the Dealers Hall at CoNZealand, for the full five days of the convention. Prices are in New Zealand Dollars. 

Dealer Table

$NZ300 (inclusive of GST)

Add a second table for $NZ275 (inclusive of GST).

Your space includes one 1.8m by 0.75m (approximately 72 by 30 inches) draped table and two chairs, within a roughly 4 square metre area, for the run of the show, during show hours. One or two tables may be purchased; we may be able to offer a third table if space allows and there is interest.

Dealer Attending Membership

$NZ370 (inclusive of GST)

Our Dealers and Artists must have full convention memberships. If your application is accepted, and you don’t already have an attending CoNZealand membership, you must purchase one. A Dealer may also purchase a membership for her/his/their partner, at the $NZ370 Dealers rate. 

Table Helper Badge/Pass

$NZ100 (inclusive of GST)

In addition to the required one membership per dealership, you may purchase up to two Table Helper Badges per table. These badges allow access to the Exhibits space (the Arena floor) only. $100 covers one helper all 5 days of this limited access. These must be ordered in advance of the convention. The business name will be printed on these badges, and they can be shared. 

Payment details

When we approve your application, we will contact you to confirm that you are still interested in having a space in our Dealers Hall. We will then send an invoice for the full amount- tables + membership(s) + Table Helper Badge(s). A portion of the total will be due upon receipt. The balance will be due 15 May.

Shipping goods to New Zealand

We plan to have a shared shipping arrangement from Los Angeles to Wellington, and from Sydney to Wellington. 

Participating dealers or artists must ship their stock to the designated shipper in their country, who will consolidate the stock in a container and ship it to Wellington.  The consolidator would likely need to receive the stock by June 1, to allow plenty of time for the forwarding of materials. The consolidator will prepare the customs and taxation paperwork, and you will receive one invoice for the shipping service, GST and any duty. Further details TBD.

You should be aware of restrictions on imports to New Zealand. Information on import restrictions is available at the NZ Customs website

Virtually all goods, including books, arriving in New Zealand will be subject to a 15% GST (Goods & Services Tax) on wholesale value of the goods. GST is payable on the border, you will draw back GST (if any) on the unsold stock shipped home. In the Dealer’s Hall, businesses may set prices as they see fit, but businesses making less than NZ$60,000 per year should not charge GST on items sold.

Dealer Tables are for the purpose of selling appropriate and legal goods, in line with law and the convention’s policies. Dealers are expected to staff their tables during all  business hours of the Dealers Hall. Table activities should not exceed the 4 square metre dealer space in a way that impedes foot traffic flow in the Hall. All persons staffing or otherwise helping with tables must abide by the convention’s Code of Conduct

Management of the data you submit to CoNZealand is governed by international law and the laws of New Zealand. Visit the Privacy Policy page to see our full privacy and data policy.  If invited to trade in our Dealers Hall, we plan to post your business name and a link to your website (if provided) on our website, and may list your business name in our publications as well. 

If you would like your business to have a presence in the exhibit space, but you prefer not to conduct sales and be a Dealer, we may have space to offer you. Please contact us about pricing and options by emailing

If you are an artist and a member of the convention, you may wish to purchase a table in our Artist Street area and sell your art. Or you may prefer to book display space in our Art Show, and have the convention sell your work for you. More information about these options will be available soon. If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to fill out an interest survey form to help guide our planning. You may contact this team for more information:

When more information about the Dealers Hall becomes available we will add it to this page. Contact us at: .

If you would like to be part of the CoNZealand Dealers Hall, please fill in the application form, and don’t miss the opportunity near the bottom to fill in your comments and questions. When you click to Submit the form, a copy of your application will be emailed to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Application for a dealer space at CoNZealand.