Information for Dealers: Cyberspace Edition

The World Science Fiction Convention – Worldcon – is an annual celebration of Science Fiction and Fantasy of all kinds, attracting thousands of fans each year from around the world. In July 2020, the Worldcon will be coming to New Zealand Cyberspace for the first time.

We are testing options for moving the exhibits space — our Dealers Hall, Art Show and Displays — into cyberspace. We want it all to be interesting and fun, educational and thoughtful, and accessible to all our members regardless of the age of their computer or the internet bandwidth available in their homes.

The story so far…

Our new Exhibits software team is very busy setting up a new server where we will host fairly normal web pages and display them in a browser. They have begun to build our 3D space as well. The goal is to give our members a user-friendly and dealer-friendly experience in Exhibits cyberspace. 

If you would like to join us on the journey to a fun and robust online Worldcon experience, please read on.

Curation. As before, this will be a curated Dealers Hall. We may not be able to accommodate all who apply, and we do want to offer a wide variety of shopping options for our members. Some adult rated merchandise may not be appropriate for this convention.

Hours. We anticipate the Hall will be staffed and open for business for 8-9 hours per day, “doors” opening in the morning New Zealand time. We anticipate the hall will close completely for some hours, to accommodate “restocking” and maintenance. TBD.

The “table” will be a web page where you can introduce your business and your wares, display merchandise you are selling, and provide a link to your own e-commerce site. If we can, we also want to use this content to create a second rendering of your “table” in our 3D Exhibits Hall. Each table will include a live chat room, so you can communicate directly with your customers during Dealers Hall hours. This is a way to answer questions, but also a way to push out promotional messages.

We welcome our indie or self-published authors! We will have tables available for you at a lower rate if you are willing to share with up to two other authors. You will share page space and a chat room, but each of you can provide a link to your own e-commerce site. Sharing a table may  expose your books to a new audience while lowering your cost and providing a presence at the table when you’re away. 

You must be a CoNZealand member to participate.

CoNZealand will be a 5-day convention. An attending membership is required for admission to all CoNZealand cyberspace, including programme, Dealers Hall, Art Show, social spaces, etc.

Our Dealers and Artists must have full convention memberships. If your application is accepted, and you don’t already have an attending CoNZealand membership, you must purchase one.

Memberships are not included in the Dealer Table rates.

The following updated rates are for a table in the Dealers Hall at CoNZealand, for the full five days of the convention. Prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

Dealer Table

$NZ 75.00 for one virtual table.

Indie Author Table

$NZ 25.00 per author at a shared virtual table.

Remember, you will be asked to share the table with up to two additional authors. (You do have the option of creating your own table group. Feel free to suggest the author(s) with whom you want to share.)

Attending Membership

$NZ 300.00 Adult or other attending rate

Payment Details

When we approve your application, we will contact you with more information (this is a journey) and to confirm that you are still interested in having a space in our Dealers Hall. We will then send an invoice for the full amount — table + membership (if you don’t already have one). The balance will be due in 7 days. As soon as we have your payment, we will post your dealership name and web address on our public-facing website,

Our members (and your customers) are located all over the world. You will need to indicate how and where you can ship your merchandise. Your customers may ask about the price for shipping. Think about what you can do, and please be clear with your customers about this aspect of ordering.

Dealer Tables are for the purpose of selling appropriate and legal goods, in line with the relevant Laws and the Convention’s policies. Dealers are asked to staff their tables as much as possible during Dealers Hall business hours. All persons staffing or otherwise helping with tables must abide by the convention’s Code of Conduct.

Management of the data you submit to CoNZealand is governed by International Law and the Laws of New Zealand. Visit the Privacy Policy page to see our full privacy and data policy.  If invited to trade in our Dealers Hall, we plan to post your business name and a link to your website (if provided) on our website, and may list your business name in our publications as well.

If you would like your business to have a presence in the exhibit space, but you prefer not to conduct sales and be a Dealer, we may have space to offer you! Please contact us about pricing and options,

If you are an artist and a member of the Convention, you may wish to exhibit in our Art Show. Details are now available on the Art Show/Information for Artists page, as well as an application form. You may contact this team for more information:

When more information about the Dealers Hall becomes available we will add it to this page. Contact us at: 

Sound interesting? Although the CoNZealand exhibits cyberspace is a work-in-progress, we hope you are ready to join us on this journey. Help us make it so.

If you are interested in being a dealer in our Dealers Hall, please fill in the application form, and please make use of the space at the end of the form to give us your comments and questions. When you click to Submit the form, a copy of your application will be emailed to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Application for a dealer space at CoNZealand.