Aotearoa Inclusion Initiative scholarships

The Aotearoa Inclusion Initiative gives people from marginalised communities in NZ and the wider Pacific region the opportunity to attend CoNZealand through offering financial assistance to help them get here. Find out more in the pages below about the scholarships and how you can get involved in making CoNZealand more inclusive.

About the scholarships and how to apply

Learn more about the Aotearoa Inclusion Initiative and the scholarship criteria, and get the link to the application form.

Donating/sponsoring a scholarship

We are relying on donations and sponsorship to fund the Aotearoa Inclusion Initiative. If you’d like to help us bring more people from marginalised communities to CoNZealand, visit this page to find out more.

Mentor a scholarship recipient

If you’re an experienced WorldCon attendee, or experienced navigating similar large events, why not use that knowledge to help one of our scholarship recipients make the most of their CoNZealand experience? Find out more here.

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