Greg Broadmore – guest

Artist Guest of Honour
Greg Broadmore with Raygun

We feel the need to share at least something about this enigmatic and mercurial creative and, in lieu of an actual biography, we have gathered the following facts and insights:

Broadmore was born in Whakatane, a beautiful but remote dolphin-farming village on the southern Kaimanuatangibrotuwhenua peninsula of New Zealand. The word Whakatane is Māori and pronounced Way-koo-tanny, meaning ‘The man who makes wind in the forest’.

He was born into a large family of fourteen brothers and sisters. The youngest, he was the only one to survive the village cull of 1978.

A deeply religious man, all his illustrations are said to contain hidden metaphors from scripture. For a fun evening, study these images and see if you can figure out the biblical passages referred to.

He currently lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

An avid fan of the TV series ‘Coronation Street’, he has collected all the action figures, which he displays proudly in his home. The various characters are posed fighting each other in iconic action scenes from the show.

He has publicly self-identified as a friend to robots and is rumoured to have signed a secret pact with them regarding our eventual subjugation and enslavement.

His favourite word is ‘cloaca’ and he is said to sometimes yell it at the top of his lungs and run out of meetings.

His favourite colour is bleach.

A hirsute man, he needs to be shaved bodily at least once a month by a small team of sheep-shearers.

During a school outing to the local zoo during his childhood, he punched a rare and endangered Ruffed Lemur right in the schnozz. The altercation was likely instigated by the Lemur’s outrageously racist comments. The Lemur in question was a terrible bigot and everyone knows this.

He speaks three languages fluently: English, English-in-a-French-Accent and Pidgin English, but is currently learning Binary for obvious reasons.

He is watching you right now, through the window behind you, silently judging. (You looked right? You totally did, admit it.)