2022 Worldcon Site Selection

CoNZealand will be holding the 2022 Worldcon site selection. The filing deadline for the ballot will be 31 January 2020; however, all bids filed after that date but before the close of site selection will still be eligible as write-in candidates. 

Notice to 2022 Worldcon Bidders

Per section 4.6 of the WSFS Constitution, candidates must file a statement of their intent to bid and provide adequate evidence of an agreement with their proposed site’s facilities and the rules under which their Worldcon Committee will operate (particularly including the procedures for the selection, term of office, and replacement of their chief executive officer or officers). 

Sites more than 500 miles from Wellington, New Zealand, will be eligible for Worldcon site selection. Interested parties may direct questions regarding either site selection to siteselection@conzealand.nz. 

Once we receive bid filings they will be made available on our site selection page on our website. To file a bid, send the documents described above by email or by postal mail to: 

Attn: Site Selection

PO Box 15483

Miramar, Wellington 6243

New Zealand