2022 Worldcon Site Selection

CoNZealand will be releasing shortly the site selection ballot to choose the location for the 80th World Science Fiction Convention in 2022.  The two bids are for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Chicago, Illinois, USA, and their filing information is on our website at https://conzealand.nz/about/explore-worldcon/world-science-fiction-society-about/2022-worldcon-site-selection.
A few notes:
* You must be either an Attending or a Supporting member of CoNZealand to vote in site selection.
* You will be able to pay the advance membership fee online.
* Ballots will be accepted either by postal mail or via email.
Full details will be on the website above when the ballot is published. Any other immediate questions can be asked at siteselection@conzealand.nz.

2022 Worldcon Voting

The bidding deadline has now passed, and the ballot is being finalised.

Downloadable and printable versions (A4, US letter) of the ballot will be available here with instructions on how to postal vote, including payment instructions.

Copies of the ballot will also be distributed with PR3.

Instructions for voting at the Convention, in person and via carry-in votes, will also be provided.

Please stay tuned, we thank you for your patience.

2022 Worldcon bids

These are the bids for organising Worldcon in 2022.

Chicago, USA

Chicago Worldcon Logo for 2022 bid

Chicago in 2022 Bid Confirmation letter

Chicago 2022 Letter of Intent

Chicago in 2022 Facility Letter of Agreement

Chicago by-laws


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Logo for Jeddicon, 2022 Worldcon bid for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Jeddicon 2022 Bid Confirmation letter

Jeddicon 2022 Facility Letter of Agreement

Jeddicon 2022 Facility Letter of Agreement (English translation)

Jeddicon by-laws