This list is representative, and Division Heads have the right to format their divisions as they see fit. This is a living document and will be updated from time to time. If you require a change, let us know via our Contact Form. If you have skills you think may be useful, then let us know in the notes on the Volunteer Form.

Executive Division

Chair: Experience
Norman Cates
Vice Chair: Experience
Maree Pavletich
Chair: Business
Kelly Buehler
Vice Chair: Business
David Gallaher
Advisors Andrew A. Adams
James Bacon
Government Liaison Philip Lyth
Hugo Loser’s Party David Gallaher
Ombuds Chris LaHatte
Thank You Party 2021 Maree Pavletich

Events Division (Experience)

Events Division Head
Jill Eastlake
Events Deputy Division Head Mel Duncan
Events Facilitator Sharon Bass
Masquerade Director Rebecca Hewett
Special Projects Area Head John Toon

Exhibits Division (Experience)

Exhibits Division Head
Trusted Sidekick Ruth Leibig
Art Show Director
Art Show Staff
Dealer’s Hall Co-Area Head Barbara Clendon
Dealer’s Hall Co-Area Head Peter Clendon
Dealer’s Hall Deputy
Display Director
WSFS Exhibits
NZ Fan History
GoH Exhibits
Costume Exhibits
Sponsorship & Commercial Exhibits
Display Wranglers
Fanzine Lounge Area Head
Fanzine Lounge Staff
MIMO Manager Tom Gluck
Staff Emily McLeay
Murray Moore
Margaret Menzies

Facilitation Division (Business)

Facilitation Division Head
Lynelle Howell
Facilitation Deputy Division Head Vacant
Advisor Esther MacCallum-Stewart
Executive Facilitator Lynelle Howell
Events Facilitator Sharon Bass
WSFS Facilitator Vacant
Death of Emails Vacant
Procurement Jo Toon
Procurement Staff Kate Lorenti
Elizabeth Wiltshire
Staff Michael Parry
Leane Verhulst
Judy Fletcher
Timeline Bobbi Armbruster
Volunteers Area Head Jenine Abarbanel
Volunteers Deputy Chloe Sutherland
At-Con Volunteers
At-Con Volunteers Staff

Facilities Division (Business)

Facilities Division Head
Ben Yalow
Facilities Deputy Division Head Esther MacCallum-Stewart
TSB Arena / Shed 6 Liaison
Michael Fowler Centre Liaison
InterContinental Liaison
Catering Liaison
Housing Liaison
Party Maven
Facilities Staff Eugenie Pierret
Mark Herrup
John Platt IV
Randall Shepherd
TR Renner
Stephen Boucher

Finance Division (Business)

Finance Division Head
Andrew A Adams
Finance Deputy Division Head Steve Cooper
Cash Office Area Head
Foreign Agents
USA Agent Randy Smith
European Agent
Sponsorship Co-ordinator Stephan Herman
Treasury Area Head Ian Jack

Information Technology Division (Experience)

IT Division Head
Grant Preston
IT Deputy Division Head Malcolm Fletcher
Lead Developer Matthew Gray
Advisor to Developers Eemeli Aro
Core Developers AJ Esler
Steven C Hartley
Other Developers
Docker and CI configuration James Polley
UI and uX Jen Zajac
Initial Templates Rosanna Fong
IT Staff William Torkington
Website Area Head Alison Jack
Web Content

Member Services Division (Business)

Member Services Division Head
Member Services Deputy Division Head
Mobie Rentals
Accessibility Staff
Pre Con Information
Information Desk
Quiet Space

Operations Division (Business)

Operations Division Head
Rick Kovalcik
Operations Deputy Division Head Annette Bergner
Convention Operations Manager
Con Ops Duty Managers
Con Ops Staff
Logistics Director
MIMO Coordinator
Shipping & Storage
US Shipping
Aus Shipping
Other Shipping
NZ Storage & Transport
Signage Area Head
On-site Sign Printing

Programme Division (Experience)

Programming Division Head
Jannie Shea
Programme Deputy Division Head Jim Mann
Assistant to DH and Deputy DH Laurie Mann
Administrative Assistant Raewyn Nevin
Factotum Terry Fong
Guest of Honour Liaisons
Pre-Con Writer Guest of Honour Liaison Richard & Lyn Morgan
At-Con Writer Guest of Honour Liaison Laura Domitz
Artist Guest of Honour Liaison
Fan Guest of Honour Liaison
Toastmaster Liaison Janice Gelb
Programme Operations Area Head Janice Gelb
Programme Ops Staff
Programme Stream Leaders
Academic Stream Doug Van Belle
Programme Brain Trust Christopher Hwang
Lorna Toolis
Sandra Levy
Laurie Mann
Robbie Bourget
Programme Staff Mike Nelson
Claire Chambers
Science Stream Helen Umberger
Gaming Area Head
Board Games Louise McCully
Kaffeeklatche / Literary Beers Area Head
Panelist Green Room Area Head
Green Room Staff
Readings Area Head
Signings Area Head

Promotions Division (Experience)

Promotions Division Head
Nikky Winchester
Promotions Deputy Division Head Kate Richards
Agents / Ambassadors Liaison Vacant
Communications Area Head Vacant
Communications Strategy Adviser Elizabeth Heritage
Member newsletter Alexander Stronach
Creative Coordinator Vacant
Design Area Head Keane Chan
Design Team Kylan McKeen
Bryn Jones
International Outreach Vacant
International Outreach Admin Marty Young
Advertising Coordinator Pam Burr
Souvenir Book Advertising Coordinator Kees Van Toorn
NZ Outreach Area Head Greg Parmenter
Library Liaison Jenny Hammond
Publishing Liaison Jan Butterworth
Outreach crew Peter Hassell
Tourism Liaison Vacant
Press Office Area Head Alla Zaykova
Press Assistant Carolina Herrera Padilla
Social Media Area Head Susannah Donovan
Social Media Staff (Facebook) Jana Mittelstaedt
Social Media Staff (Twitter) Marjorie Dawson
Video Production Area Head Vacant
Video Team Michelle Kan
Web Content Area Head Ellen Boucher
Researching/writing Jacqueline Brasfield
Editing/Proofreading Simon Chamberlain

Publications Division (Experience)

Publications Division Head
Darusha Wehm
Publications Deputy Division Head Vacant
Editorial Grant Stone
John Toon
Design Keane Chan
Local Restaurant Guide Editor Vacant
Newsletter Editor Vacant
Newsletter Staff Vacant
Roving Photographer Vacant
Pocket Programme Editor Darusha Wehm
Pocket Programme Layout Amber Carter
Progress Reports Editor Darusha Wehm
Souvenir Book Editor Darusha Wehm
Souvenir Book Staff Amber Carter
Staff Jo Van Ekeren
Ryn Yee

Registration Division (Business)

Registration Division Head
Lorain Clark
Registration Deputy Division Head
Registration Staff

Tech Division (Experience)

Tech Division Head
John Maizels
Tech Deputy Division Head Z! (Zee Bang)
Tech Advisor Rick Kovalcik
Lighting Techs
Sound Techs
Stage Techs
Video Techs

Welcome Division (Business)

Welcome Division Head
Sharon Sbarsky
Welcome Deputy Division Head
Fan Tables Coordinator
Freebies & Flyers Coordinator
Sales to Members

WSFS Division (Business)

WSFS Division Head
Colette Fozard
WSFS Deputy Division Head Marguerite Smith
Business Meeting Area Head Kent Bloom
Time Keeper
Hugo Administrator Tammy Coxen
Deputy Hugo Administrator Nicholas Whyte
Ian Moore
Mark Protection Committee Daniel Spector
Site Selection Administrator Alan Stewart