To help prepare for the first virtual Worldcon, Programme is holding a series of practice items/Zoom training in late June and early July. Go to and scroll down on that page for detailed login info.

Worldcon Programme

Worldcon Programme provides a way for Worldcon members to interact online. Our members are writers, artists, editors, scientists, and many other things but we are all fans. Our panelists delight in informing, entertaining, and interacting with each other in a public forum, through our Programme.

Our members will have many online activities to choose from. Members might hear our Author Guests of Honour Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon discuss their Elemental Masters books, our Fan Guest of Honour Rose Mitchell talk about Australian fandom, or our Artist Guest of Honour Greg Broadmore describe his secret pact with robots. You never know what you will hear at a CoNZealand Programme item.

Our Programme participants.

Our schedule will be published here sometime in mid-July.