Virtual CoNZealand Schedule

What’s Temporarily Different About the Virtual CoNZealand Schedule

CoNZealand is working with TFN to create a new, secure log in for the Virtual CoNZealand website. As a result, while you can view the Programme Guide, please be aware of the following:

  • Right now, even if you are an attending CoNZealand member, you cannot log into Grenadine through the Grenadine CoNZealand website yet. Since you cannot log in, you cannot sign up for certain programme items (Kaffeeklatsche and Workshops), you cannot see the “Join on Zoom” blue button on the detailed programme item page for any item and you cannot update your Profile at this time.
  • You can view the “Schedule”, the “Speakers” list and the “Event Information.”

Note:  Favoriting an item that requires sign up (which seems to be happening in some cases) is not the same thing as signing up for it.  We have no way to limit the number of people who favorite an item, which is why some items need the sign up feature.  If you have favorited a kaffeeklatsch or a workshop that you want to attend, you still must sign up for it once sign up is available.

We hope the new log in will be available by July 22, 2020 please keep an eye on your email box, the main programme page and the  Facebook CoNZealand 2020 Worldcon Community Group where we will let you know when the new log in is available and how to use it.  At that time, you will be able to log into Grenadine and sign up for Kaffeeklatsche and Workshops.

Grenadine anticipates that CoNZealand members will be able to set their time zone in their profile just after the new log in for the Virtual CoMZealand is implemented. Their local time will appear on the detail pages for the programme items alongside the New Zealand Time for the item.  The Grenadine Mobile app for CoNZealand should also be available for download after the new log in is up.




For the last few weeks, CoNZealand has been running dozens of training sessions online to help get our staff and programme participants trained in using Zoom. For the next two weeks, we will be adding some standard programme items sprinkled around these training sessions to help our members get used to attending programme items in Zoom.

This weekend, you are invited to attend “Wild Cards as Alternate History,” with Melinda Snodgrass, David D. Levine, Max Gladstone, Daniel Abraham & Carrie Vaughn.

If you have not logged in to Grenadine PreCoNZ before, here are the log in instructions.

  1. Once you have logged into Grenadine CNZ-PreCoNZ, press the “Schedule” link at the top of the page. You will see the calendar schedule for July and a search box. The easiest way to get to the Wild Cards item is to enter the word “Wild” in the “Search the Schedule” text box on the top left side of the calendar page. Click on the magnifying glass beside the text box.
  2. You will land on a box containing a little info about the Wild Cards panel. Click on the panel title.
  3. Grenadine displays the detail page for the Wild Cards item. If you logged into Grenadine successfully, the full description will have a large blue “Join on Zoom” button on the left side. If you have not logged in successfully, you will see the item description but not the “Join on Zoom” button.
  4. If you have any problems logging into Grenadine, email with a brief description and we will give you a hand. The Room Hosts will be available from 12:30pm NZT, and the room will open promptly at 1pm NZT. We encourage you to try to log in between now and the panel to see if you have any problems.

The Wild Cards panel will open at 1pm NZT on Saturday, 18 July. That means if you live in the US you will attend this panel on Friday night (9pm EDT or 6pm EDT). If you live in the UK it is on at 2am Saturday. Use the handy Time Zone Converter to convert the Wellington time to your local time.

Worldcon Programme

Worldcon Programme provides a way for Worldcon members to interact online. Our members are writers, artists, editors, scientists, and many other things but we are all fans. Our panelists delight in informing, entertaining, and interacting with each other in a public forum, through our Programme.

Our members will have many online activities to choose from. Members might hear our Author Guests of Honour Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon discuss their Elemental Masters books, our Fan Guest of Honour Rose Mitchell talk about Australian fandom, or our Artist Guest of Honour Greg Broadmore describe his secret pact with robots. You never know what you will hear at a CoNZealand Programme item.

Our Programme participants.

Our schedule will be published here sometime in mid-July.