Worldcon Programme provides a way for Worldcon members to interact. Our members are writers, artists, editors, scientists, and many other things but we are all fans. Our panelists delight in informing, entertaining, and interacting with each other in a public forum, through our programme.

Our members will have many activities to choose from. They can take a morning walk with notable members along Wellington Harbor on a “Stroll with the Stars”, weather permitting. Members might hear our Author Guests of Honour Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon discuss their Elemental Masters books, our Fan Guest of Honour Rose Mitchell talk about Australian fandom, or our Artist Guest of Honour Greg Broadmore describe his secret pact with robots. You never know who you will meet and what you will hear at a CoNZealand Programme item.

Over the next few months, we are inviting a few hundred members to be programme participants. If you are planning to come to CoNZealand and would like to be considered for our programme, please fill out our Potential Programme Participant survey form. If you want to find out more about being a Programme participant, see our Interested in Being on Programme? page for more information. Right now, our Confirmed Participants page is fairly short, but watch the list grow over the next few months.

Find out how programming works here.

We welcome ideas for CoNZealand Programme! If you have an idea for CoNZealand Programme, please fill out our Suggested Programme Ideas form. where we solicit programme suggestions. While we cannot guarantee that we will use everyone’s suggestion, we appreciate hearing from you!