• We use the terms “Registration” and “Membership” interchangeably. For us, they are the same thing. This is a difference from some events that sell “Tickets”. When you join the Worldcon, you become a Member, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails.
  • Please see the pricing tables below for your upgrade paths.
  • If you see a problem on this page then please contact us at and we will fix it.


Account Creation

  • An account is not a membership in CoNZealand. It simply gets you into the system.
  • Our system depends on your email address being accurate, and accessible by you. So during your account creation phase, we ask for your email, and then we send you an email with a url link in it to log into our Members site. The link lasts for 10 minutes, so please be in a position to receive emails, and get to a web browser.
  • After logging in, you can then choose which Membership you wish to take out.

Logging in and taking out Memberships

  • Enter your email address, and then we send you an email with a link in it to log into our Members site. The link lasts for 10 minutes, so please be in a position to receive emails, and get to a web browser.
  • You can create multiple new memberships against one email address. This feature is usually intended for families with one person creating the new memberships OR for memberships being purchased as a gift. In general we suggest one email address per person who will be attending the convention as our convention platform will only allow one member per email address. If you need to transfer an attending membership please go to the Membership Transfer section below.
  • You will need to pay a minimum of NZ$75, but then you can pay by installments. Accessing Hugo nomination, packet and voting is only able to be done if your membership is fully paid.

Reviewing / Upgrading your Membership/s

  • Once you have logged into the membership site, you can Review your memberships to see what upgrades are available for your Memberships.
  • Similarly to new Memberships, you can select the Upgrade you wish.
    • You will receive a pop up asking you to confirm. If you accept, then your Membership will be upgraded to the type you have chosen.
    • On the next page you can then elect to make a full payment, or pay by installments.

Postal Registration

Need to make a payment?

Payment by cheque can now only be made by US cheques in US dollars. You can download our Postal form, and send it to us. Due to changes by our NZ bank we can no longer accept cheques in NZ dollars.  (Our US bank is still accepting cheques.)

    • Please contact us for alternate payment arrangements if the options listed here are not suitable for you.
    • Please download and fill out the Postal Registration form.
    • You can print it and fill it out by hand
    • OR you can use the form fields in the PDF form to type into the fields, then print it out and send it to us.
Supporting Membership

A Supporting Membership is for people who will not engage in the live, interactive Virtual Convention. You will receive all our publications. This also comes with the right to nominate and vote in the Hugo Awards in 2020.
You can also vote in Site Selection for the 2022 Worldcon. You can always upgrade your supporting membership to an attending membership, at the price
difference at the time.

Please note: The deadline to purchase a CoNZealand membership allowing you to make nominations for the Hugo Awards has now passed.

Attending Membership

An Attending Membership is for people who will engage in the live, interactive Virtual Convention. There are a number of different types of Attending Memberships. Attending Memberships are all inclusive. You do not have to pay anything more for access to any of our online activity.

You will receive all our publications. This also comes with the right to nominate and vote in the Hugo Awards in 2020. You can also vote in Site Selection for the 2022 Worldcon.

  • Young Adult Attending is based on being born in 2000.
  • Unwaged Attending is a NZ resident of any age who does not have a consistent wage. This includes students, retirees, beneficiaries etc. Please contact us if you have questions about this.
    • We will trust that if you become waged by the convention, that you will upgrade to a Full Attending.

Sorry, but memberships purchased from 15th April are usually non-refundable, in whole or part. Due to the change to a Virtual Convention, memberships purchased before 1st April 2020 may be eligible for a partial or full refund. Please see the Refund Policy Page for details.

Memberships may be transferred to others, please see Membership Transfers below for more details.

If you were not a pre-supporter of the NZ in 2020 bid, and you did not vote in Site Selection at Worldcon 76, then these are the prices that apply to you.

Please note, all prices are in New Zealand dollars.

Register for a New Membership

[table id=8 /]

Please note, only CoNZealand attending registration types are eligible to lock in prices when purchased. ie. Pre-Support memberships do not qualify to lock the price of a upgrade to a CoNZealand membership type. The credits available from a Kiwi or Silver Fern pre-support still applicable for upgrades to a CoNZealand membership. If you are unsure if you have a pre-support please contact for confirmation.

Please note, all prices are in New Zealand dollars.

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If you have purchased a membership and wish to gift it to another person we are happy to fully transfer the membership. To effect a transfer:

  • The person wanting to transfer, and the person receiving the transfer need to contact us at
  • The transfer is of all rights that go along with that membership. If any of those rights have been exhausted, e.g. by nominating or voting in the Hugos, then those rights are not available anymore.
  • If the transferer wants to then be a supporting member in order to get rights for Hugo nominations, voting and Site Selection, then they will need to take out a fresh supporting membership.

If you are no longer able to attend the convention we encourage you to sell your membership on many of the available fan forums. We can provide confirmation to a buyer of the status of the membership if required. Once the sale is complete contact us and we will be able to transfer the membership to the purchaser.

In general Partial refunds are not encouraged. i.e. wanting to change from an attending to a supporting membership. If you can not attend due to the change to a virtual convention and you still wish to be a supporting member you can now apply for a partial refund. Partial refund requests will be considered on a case by case basis. Please go to CoNZealand Member Refunds for further information and instructions.

Update: The Installment plan has ceased. The new membership pricing applies to those on the installment plan. If you have paid the recommended amount please contact to have your membership reset to the new prices. If you have paid more then the Refund Policy applies. Please see CoNZealand Membership Refunds.

To activate Installments, you can select an attending membership. The minimum amount you can pay is NZ$75, you can then pay the rest off over time. Your price is locked to the price when you started the installment plan.

If you fail to complete payments by a few weeks before the convention, your membership will become a Supporting Member, with no refunds for the amounts paid over the Supporting rate.