Art space at CoNZealand

There have been art shows at Worldcons since 1960, when LA fan Bjo Trimble led the project to organize the first one with donated art at Pittcon, in Pittsburgh. The World Science Fiction Convention has hosted an art show — displaying art and selling art — every year since.

The Art Space at CoNZealand will be in the TSB Arena alongside displays and exhibits, and the Dealers Hall. We hope that we will be able to show a variety of drawings, paintings, sculpture, jewellery and digital art, some of which will be available for sale at the convention. 

Please register your interest in displaying or selling your art at CoNZealand using the form below. We will be contacting you in early 2020 with more details. This does not commit you to being part of our Art space nor does it guarantee you a place. Presently we don’t have details of pricing or spaces since this is in flux. We will also be curating our art spaces so that we have a variety of options. Please note that CoNZealand is expecting 2000-2500 attendees.

If you have previously filled out the Dealer / Artist Interest form, we have already recorded your responses – no need to fill this out again!

A membership will be required to be part of the Art Space at ConZealand.

Register your interest in the Art Space.