Art Show at CoNZealand

Information for Artists

There have been art shows at Worldcons since 1960, when LA fan Bjo Trimble led the project to organize the first one at Pittcon in Pittsburgh. The World Science Fiction Convention has hosted an art show — displaying art and selling art — every year since.

In July 2020, the Worldcon will be coming to New Zealand Cyberspace for the first time. 

The Art Show, along with the Dealers area and Displays, will move into a new cyberspace Exhibit Hall.  We want this space to be interesting and fun, educational and thoughtful, and accessible to all our members regardless of the age of their computer or the internet bandwidth available in their homes. 

The story so far…

Our new Exhibits software team is very busy setting up an additional server where we will build web pages for our artists, dealers and display creators. Also under construction is a 3D version of the Hall, one that will also be displayable in a browser.  The goal is to offer a user-friendly and artist-friendly experience in Exhibits cyberspaces.  

If you would like to join us on the journey to a fun and robust online Worldcon experience, please read on. 


The Worldcon Art Show is a destination for our members. Everyone visits the show at least once, to view new works from familiar artists and be introduced to new artists in our genre. Many members return more than once, to share the experience with friends, to attend a docent tour, and to shop. In the physical world, an art show usually has both quick sale and bidding for artwork handled by the convention, for a commission. Some of the art is not for sale. At CoNZealand, artists will be able to sell original art or prints directly to members, and there’s no commission collected by us. Artists may exhibit their art that is not for sale. 

This will be a curated Art Show, and we apologize in advance if we can’t accommodate all who apply. We want to include a range of styles and artists, bringing together the best our genre can offer. We would like to display  both 2D and 3D artwork in our show.  

We anticipate the Art Show will be staffed and open for the enjoyment of our members for 8-9 hours per day, “doors” opening in the morning New Zealand time. We anticipate that the hall will close completely for some hours, to accommodate website maintenance (and sleep).  TBD. 

How do you participate? In a physical art show, it’s typical to arrange display panels in a U shape, and the art is hung from the panels. In the CoNZealand Art Show, we will provide a web page, where you can display digital images or photos of your art, as many as is practical. Your page should have a brief biography, and a link to your own website(s). You will be able to upload the image files, then size and arrange them in galleries. Works should be captioned with a title, medium and physical dimensions, and price (if for sale). If you need help, Art Show staff can assist you in setting up your web page. If the art is for sale, all aspects of the purchase must be handled by you. 

As usual, photography will not be allowed in the Art Show. But in this online environment, a convention member could use a screen capture tool or other methods to take a snapshot of art. We respect the artist’s intellectual property, and will watermark images if requested by the artist — to discourage misuse. 

We request that our artists consider posting “artist in residence” times, when they will be present to talk about their art and answer questions. (If you plan to be present throughout the show, that is absolutely allowed!)  Artists will be invited to an Art Show Reception.

We are hoping to also show featured art (1 or 2 pieces from each artist) in the 3D Exhibits Hall. 

Artists must be a CoNZealand member to participate. (If you will not be able to attend the convention but have an Agent who can do so for you, please contact us.)

At this time, no Art Auction is planned for CoNZealand.

CoNZealand will be a 5-day convention. An attending membership is required for admission to all CoNZealand cyberspace, including programme, Dealers Hall, Art Show, social spaces, etc. 

Our dealers and artists must have full convention memberships. If your application is accepted, and you don’t already have an attending CoNZealand membership, you must purchase one. 

Memberships are not included in the Artist Space rate. 


The following rates are for a space in the CoNZealand’s Art Show, for the five days of the convention. Prices are in New Zealand Dollars. 


Artist Space

$NZ 50 for one virtual space


Attending Membership

$NZ 300 Adult or other attending rate


We will review applications and artist websites and notify artists as soon as possible to confirm whether they will be part of the curated show. With the invitation will come more information (this is a journey) asking artists to confirm their continued interest. We will then send an invoice for the full amount — space + membership (as needed). As soon as we have your payment, we will post the Artist or Business name and web address on our public-facing website,

Our members (and your customers) are located all over the world. We request that you indicate how and where you can ship, if you have art for sale.  Think about what you can do, and please be clear with your customers about this aspect of pricing and sales. 

The purpose of the Art Show is to show off and celebrate the visual creatives in our community. Artists should display their own work, and any art sold by our artists should be appropriate and legal, in line with law and the convention’s policies. Artists are asked to be available during some of the opening hours of the Art Show. All persons exhibiting art or staffing the Art Show must abide by the convention’s Code of Conduct. 

Management of the data you submit to CoNZealand is governed by international law and the laws of New Zealand. Visit the Privacy Policy page to see our full privacy and data policy.  If invited to exhibit in our Art Show, we plan to post your artist/business name and a link to your website on our website. 

Some artists prefer to set up a table, sit and sell their work at a convention. If that is you, we welcome your application for the Dealers Hall. If you are selling books, shirts, jewelry or other items, or if you aren’t creating the items you are selling, you should apply to be a dealer. This is an alternative way to participate, and a more active way to encourage sales. A link to the application can be found on the Information for Dealers page.

Sound interesting? We hope you’re ready to join us on this journey. Help us make it so!  

If you are interested in showing your art in our Art Show, please fill in the application form, and please make use of the space at the end of the form to give us your comments and questions. When you click to Submit the form, a copy of your application will be emailed to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Application form for art show space at CoNZealand.