CoNZealand Dealers and Exhibiting Artists

The team building our CoNZealand Exhibit Hall is pleased to welcome these businesses to our Dealers Hall and these artists to our Art Show. More will be added over the next couple of weeks.

Take a moment to check out their websites or online galleries, and get ready to gaze and shop at CoNZealand.

Our Dealers Hall

Andrew J Harvey
Bard & Jester
Celestial Cobbler
IFWG Publishing
Ink Gasket
Laya Rose Art
Odyssey Books
OffWorld Designs, Inc.
On Spec Magazine
Paper Road Press
Pegasus Pulp Publishing
Project Salomé
Queen of Swords Press
Quentin Wilson Publishing
Skyboat Audiobooks
Stow Shirts
The Human Library Foundation
Tiger Maple Publishing
Timothy Ellis Author
Twelfth Planet Press
Unusual Frequency
Valerie Estelle Frankel
Vida Cruz

Our Art Show

Greg Broadmore
Sarah Clemens
Fred Gambino
Larry Dixon
Drakon Creative
John Harris
Emma Weakley
España Sheriff
Giovanna Fregni
Michael Hinge – WOW
Sara Felix
Raymond VanTilburg
Kathleen Jennings