CoNZealand to host the 41st NZ national science fiction convention

Media Release 3
Date: June 12, 2019
CoNZealand, the 78th World Science Fiction Convention, Wellington, New Zealand
July 29 – August 2, 2020

CoNZealand, the 78th World Science Fiction Convention, being held in Wellington from 29 July – 2 August 2020, is pleased to announce it will also host the 41st New Zealand national science fiction convention (natcon), including the Sir Julius Vogel (SJV) Awards.

Co-chair of CoNZealand Norman Cates said this is a fantastic opportunity to jointly celebrate local and international science fiction: “By hosting the natcon alongside CoNZealand, we can showcase work by New Zealanders not just to our local members, but also to the wider international fannish community.”

CoNZealand is committed to hosting the SJV Awards, which recognise excellence in science fiction, fantasy, or horror works created by New Zealanders and New Zealand residents. All SJV finalists will be able to attend the SJV Award Ceremony at no cost, regardless of whether they are members of CoNZealand.

The main difference for the SJV Awards is that voting will take place before CoNZealand, due to practicalities of administration.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand’s (SFFANZ) annual general meeting, the SFFANZ business session and the bidding session for future national NZ conventions will also be held at CoNZealand. All SFFANZ members will be able to attend these SFFANZ events at no cost.

Mr Cates said, “We acknowledge that attending CoNZealand is more expensive than attending a regular natcon. We are therefore committed to ensuring the important natcon events are accessible to all those who wish to attend.”

“We’re happy to be able to offer SFFANZ members and the New Zealand fan community an opportunity to attend events that are regular fixtures at our natcons,” said Mr Cates.

The vote for hosting rights occurred at Geysercon, the 40th NZ natcon, held at Queen’s Birthday Weekend in Rotorua. CoNZealand was the only bidder. Before the vote, a number of sessions were held over the weekend to discuss how CoNZealand might meet its responsibilities should it be selected.

For more information, see


Press Release: CoNZealand attending membership fees to increase in June

Media Release 2

Date: May 20, 2019

CoNZealand, the 78th World Science Fiction Convention, Wellington, New Zealand

July 29 – August 2, 2020

CoNZealand has announced the following changes in attending membership prices to take effect after 11:59PM (NZT), 4:59AM,  7:59AM (EDT), 12:59PM (GMT) 16th June, 2019:

  • Adult Attending Membership rate will increase from NZ$370 to NZ$400
  • Young Adult Attending (born in or after 2000) will increase from NZ$225 to NZ$250
  • Unwaged Attending (NZ Residents only) will remain at NZ$225
  • Child Attending (born in or after 2005) will remain at NZ$105
  • Kid in Tow (born in or after 2015) rate will remain free of cost
  • Supporting Membership rate will remain at NZ$75

We currently have an installment plan that allows you to pay your membership fee over time. The price is locked based on when you first purchase or upgrade your membership type. So we encourage you to take out a membership before the price increase takes effect.

All classes of CoNZealand membership are available for immediate purchase through the website at Full information on membership classes and terms can be found at

CoNZealand Co-chairs, Norman Cates and Kelly Buehler, said, “We are delighted to be able to host the Worldcon in our home city of Wellington, New Zealand. Joining the Worldcon gives science fiction fans access to every part of this unique event, including a choice of hundreds of programme items, attending the Hugo Award Ceremony, attending the Masquerade, exploring the Art Show or adding to your collection in our Dealers’ Room. Joining now offers you the cheapest rate for attending the event and we can plan more precisely, with better knowledge of our income. It’s a win-win!” ENDS

The World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) is a five-day event that has been held annually since 1939 (apart from a four-year break during the Second World War). CoNZealand is the Worldcon’s first visit to Aotearoa New Zealand. For more information, see

“World Science Fiction Society”, “WSFS”, “World Science Fiction Convention”, “Worldcon”, “NASFiC” “Hugo Award”, the Hugo Award Logo, and the distinctive design of the Hugo Award Trophy Rocket are service marks of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society.

Preliminary call for papers – Science and Academic Stream

Call for Papers

Paper, Panel and Round Table proposals are invited for the CoNZealand 2020 Science and Academic Stream, an academic convention traditionally included as part of the annual World Science Fiction Convention.

Contributions are sought for a multidisciplinary academic program that will engage audiences, including not only fellow academics but also many of the world’s top science fiction authors and a well-educated and highly engaged public. In addition to traditional academic research that engages science fiction as a subject of study, scholars are encouraged to present research on or about any academic or scientific subject that is likely to engage the imagination of this eclectic and forward-thinking audience.

Potential contributors should note that science fiction explores all aspects of the future of humanity, and academic presentations on the social sciences, humanities and the arts have historically been as popular as those on science and science-related topics.

Paper Proposals should include the title, a description of no more than 25 words, author affiliation and contact information, an abstract of no more than 250 words, and bibliographic information on three or four of the author’s recent and relevant publications.

Panel Proposals should include paper proposals from all authors, a description of the expertise or relevant backgrounds of discussants if any are included, a description of no more than 25 words of the panel, and an overview of no more than 100 words of the panel.

Round Table Proposals and persons wishing to write and present a paper engaging the theme of Science Fiction in 2020 should contact the Academic Stream Head.

All proposals received before 1 February 2020 will be given full consideration. Proposals received after the deadline will only be considered if space allows. Preliminary acceptances can be offered to persons who need confirmation of program inclusion prior to 1 April 2020. Please clearly indicate if this is the case. Some conditions, such as payment of the conference membership, may apply.

Please send all proposals, queries or questions to Dr. Douglas A. Van Belle at:

2019 Hugo Award Finalists Announced!

The 2019 Hugo Award Finalists have been announced by Dublin 2019. You can find the full list at the Dublin 2019 Hugo Award Announcement.

The CoNZealand crew congratulate all the finalists.

The 1944 Retro Hugo Awards will be presented on Thursday 15 August, the opening night of Dublin 2019: An Irish Worldcon, and the 2019 HugoAwards will be presented on 18 August.

The Hugo Awards are the most prestigious award in the science fiction genre, honouring literature and media as well as fan activities. The awards were first presented in 1953, and have been presented every year since 1955. The 2020 Hugo Awards will be presented in Wellington, New Zealand, as part of CoNZealand.


Kia Kaha, Christchurch, and New Zealand

Kia Ora,

It is with sad hearts that we write this message today.
On Friday we witnessed, as the Prime Minister put it, one of New Zealand’s darkest days. The attack on the Christchurch Muslim community was a terrorist act. It was horrific and has shaken our country to the core.
Our deepest sympathies are with the victims, their families, Christchurch’s Muslim communities and everyone who was affected by this tragedy.
Please look after yourselves and each other. Seek out support if you, or someone you know, needs it. We will make ourselves available if you want to talk, or in New Zealand, you can call or text 1737 anytime, day or night, to talk to a trained counsellor. This service is part of the National Telehealth Service.
There are a number of funds set up to help the victims, and we list a few below.
The Launchgood campaign is on a Muslim-owned platform, and is Muslim initiated.

Kia Kaha is a Māori phrase encouraging strength or confidence, and often translated as “Stay Strong”.

And so we say:

Kia Kaha – Stay Strong, and as-salamu alaykum – Peace be Upon You.

In sorrow,
Kelly Buehler & Norman Cates

Co-Chairs of CoNZealand

New Members Site

New Membership Site is here!

We have now released our new Membership site.

Our new system includes some new features.

  • New accounts have been created for Pre-supporting Members;
  • Membership upgrades are available for Pre-supporting Members;
  • Lay-by instalment payments are available for the purchase of new Memberships and to upgrade existing Memberships;
  • Existing membership numbers from our current online system were increased by 2000. So if you are member #19, you became member #2019. Because it’s the future.
  • New fields were added to the form to give people registering online the same options as those who registered on the paper form.

Please check:

  • If you have not been able to EXPLICITLY tell us that you want to be listed on the website, or have your information passed forward to future Worldcons, then your settings will be set to NOT be listed online or in paper publications. And your details will NOT be passed forward to future Worldcons.
  • PLEASE log in and check your settings are as you wish them to be, otherwise you may miss out on exercising your rights to nominate in the Hugo Awards in the 2021 Worldcon.

Some things have stayed the same. Things that did not change include:

  • Where relevant, Stripe Payment IDs will remain unchanged. Your receipt will still trace back from your bank statement.
  • Although the website looks slightly different, all of your personal information should remain unchanged. Please contact us if this isn’t the case.

Thank you for your patience through this process, we know it has taken longer than expected, and in recognition of that, our pricing will remain at the initial rate until at least April 30th, 2019.

Our final Worldcon appearance will be at Dublin 2019.

And that’s why we synchronised our new website release to March 17th, St Patricks Day…