Virtual Masquerade Update from your Masquerade Director

During these ever changing and challenging times we’d like to just give an update on the state of the Masquerade.
Firstly a reminder that the Masquerade has always been a space that welcomes every kind of costuming.
-Costume ready made, already worn, made new, assembled? No change!
-Performance planned, not keen on performing, somewhere in between? No change!
-Want to compete in full, only partly, not at all? No change!
As always we only ask that you enter the appropriate categories.
Not everyone can meet in person, and most certainly not everyone has professional grade recording and editing equipment! We want to encourage creative, but safe, use of whatever technology you have available.
Take inspiration from how technology has connected us, socially, for work, for school, how theatre has reimagined works, and to embrace any limitations as creativity.
Every participant will have 20-30s to show their costume in full. This video will be used to expand our virtual Masquerade as well as to help in reviewing costumes for judging.
This will be in a more standardised format to help the audience and judges alike see your costume in full and in motion.
Please keep an eye on the official CoNZealand website for updates.
If you have any questions please let the Masquerade team know at
Kind regards,
Michaela de Bruce
Masquerade Director