CoNZealand Chairs’ Inclusion Initiative

The Chairs of CoNZealand are pleased to be able to offer a Membership upgrade initiative to support inclusion of indigenous, marginalised and historically underrepresented people at CoNZealand.

Marginalised communities are overrepresented in the group suffering the greatest fallout from this pandemic, and as such, we want to ensure that our community does not suffer a loss of its hard-won diversity. We want to lower the barriers for participation for those from underrepresented communities. 

We want the convention to be a global one, where all communities and viewpoints are represented, and this fund is intended to help those who would otherwise not be able to participate fully in the activities of the Worldcon.

The initiative upgrades eligible members from supporting to attending memberships. These

Memberships include all the rights of an Attending Membership  There is no need for applicants to purchase a supporting membership before they know they will be upgraded. We will subsidise the difference between the Supporting Membership and the Attending Membership ($225 NZD).

There are a small number of attending passes available. These passes do not include voting rights and the rights to paper publications, but will allow full attendance and participation. Eligible members who are already fully paid but would like some income relief are also invited to apply. 

Applications can be made on the google form below:

Grantees will be chosen by the chairs. The grantees will be notified as soon as practical, and we will continue to announce grantees at least weekly as long as upgrades last. 

Questions about this initiative can be mailed to