CoNZealand to collaborate with The Fantasy Network for the first ever Virtual Worldcon and new Membership Rates announced

CoNZealand is pleased to announce a collaboration with The Fantasy Network to bring the 78th Worldcon to an interactive, virtual platform, say Chairs Norman Cates and Kelly Buehler.

“From panels and streaming video to informal hangouts and late-night networking, the virtual convention aims to provide members with the most fun that they can have at a convention from their home,” say Buehler and Cates.

In addition to collaborating on creating and hosting the virtual platform, after the convention The Fantasy Network will host selected video-on-demand streams from CoNZealand in their iOS, Android, and Roku applications in a new Worldcon channel.

Updated membership rates have also been announced today, as participation in the virtual CoNZealand will require an Attending Membership. An Adult Attending Membership is now NZD$300. The updated membership rates are detailed below.

“In addition to full access to the virtual con, attending members will be able to vote for the 2020 Hugo Awards and the 1945 Retro Hugo Awards, and for the 2022 Worldcon site selection.

“Supporting Members will receive the standard package with a souvenir book and any other souvenir items they would have received as a Supporting Member, as well as voting rights for the Hugo Awards, Retro Hugo Awards, and 2022 Worldcon Site Selection.

“As the new Adult Attending Membership rate is lower than what many people previously paid for the same membership tier, we will be offering refunds upon request from 1 May, 2020 through the CoNZealand website of the difference between what was paid for a membership and the new Attending rate,” Cates and Buehler say.

More information on refunds is available on the CoNZealand website here.


Note that all prices are in New Zealand dollars.

Adult Attending Membership


Unwaged Attending Membership (NZ residents only)


Young Adult Attending (born in or after 2000)


Child Attending – 13 years or over as at 29 July 2020.


Supporting Membership


*Please note that this constitutes a change of age to this membership type.