About the scholarships and how to apply

We are excited to launch the Aotearoa Inclusion Initiative! This initiative will provide scholarships for people from marginalised communities to attend CoNZealand, particularly those who identify as Māori, Pasifika, People of Colour, LGBTQI+ or disabled, as well as those who are socio-economically disadvantaged.

CoNZealand provides a unique opportunity for New Zealanders who find it difficult to get overseas and attend the large conventions to experience a Worldcon. We want to try and get as many of those individuals to the convention in Wellington as we can. Depending on fundraising and the level of support required, we will also consider applicants from the broader Pasifika region. 

If you’re someone who wouldn’t otherwise come to the convention, don’t self-reject! It’s free to apply.

Read on for details of how to apply! 

What is included in a scholarship?

Scholarships will provide:

  • a free CoNZealand membership
  • travel and accommodation support if needed

We will pay for your membership, travel and accommodation directly (this is not a cash scholarship). The scholarship does not cover childcare costs or food. 

Recipients will have the opportunity to be featured as a participant on our programme or exhibits, as well as make international fan and peer contacts in person. 

We will provide an opportunity to meet other scholarship recipients on the first day of the convention if you would like to. 

You can also ask us to match you with a mentor/support person who can talk to you before and during the convention to support you to make the most of the opportunity. Note: these mentors will be volunteers who will have their own plans for the convention. They will let you know their availability.


Who Can Apply?

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • There are no financial hardship criteria. We trust that people applying are genuine in their interest in the convention and encourage people not to self-reject on the grounds of feeling undeserving. However, memberships may sell out, so those who can afford to attend should consider whether they want to wait for the outcome of this process.

Application timeline

Scholarships will be awarded from April to the end of May.  

The deadline to apply for a scholarship is 31 March 2020. You’ll hear from us about your application by 22 May 2020.

Please note: memberships may sell out before the scholarship attendees are finalised. If you are able to attend without support, we strongly suggest that you purchase an attending membership instalment plan to secure your place. If successful, the scholarship will then cover the balance of the membership cost and any travel/accommodation needed.


Taking part in CoNZealand as a scholarship recipient

Successful recipients may be invited to participate in the programme (for example, on a panel, a book reading, Masquerade/equivalent, or a display in the Art Show).  You don’t have to speak, though we do encourage participation. 

CoNZealand, like all Worldcons, is run by fans, for fans; your voice, your art, your craft, your passions, all have value here. There are many other ways you could volunteer during the convention to contribute without speaking.  Volunteering provides a great way to meet people, and scholarship attendees will be given the opportunity to pitch in if they feel up to it. 

The only expectation is that you attend and make the most of the opportunity! However, we would like to give recipients the opportunity to participate in the programme, exhibits, or other events that they are interested in. 

We would also appreciate the opportunity to profile you or feature a post from you on our social media. We do however understand that not everyone will be comfortable with this – we’re happy to do so anonymously.


Our priority is local applicants

At the full discretion of judges, priority will be given to:

  • Residents of New Zealand, followed by the broader Pasifika region if funds allow. You don’t have to live in NZ to apply, but we will only be looking at funding overseas applicants if we exceed our initial funding goals or where they do not require travel assistance. 
  • Māori, Pasifika, and those who identify as marginalised, including but not limited to: LGBTQI+, disabled, POC, or people experiencing socio-economic disadvantage. There is, of course, no requirement to disclose this information to us and we will not make that information public without your consent.
  • Those who have never attended a Worldcon before and who can express a clear benefit from and/or contribution to the convention (for example, in terms of the opportunities they hope to gain from it, or the perspective/expertise they can contribute to programme/exhibits).
  • Applicants who match the requirements of particular sponsors (this may include New Zealand citizens in creative industries for example). 

We reserve the right to allocate scholarships as we see fit in accordance with these criteria and our best judgement at the time. No correspondence will be entered into.

Memberships and support are not transferable. In the unfortunate event you are no longer able to attend, your membership will be reverted back to CoNZealand, and offered to another applicant if possible. If you are given a scholarship but can no longer attend, you must notify the Scholarship Managers immediately and your membership and bookings will be offered to another applicant if possible. 

If you need to change a booking, please let us know as soon as possible. The flexibility of bookings will vary. 

Still keen? 

Fantastic! Head over HERE to fill in the application.

Email cassie.hart@conzealand.nz with any questions.