ConZealand Crew

Co-Chair: Experience

Norman Cates

Norman’s enthusiasm is contagious, and the fact that there is a New Zealand bid for 2020 at all is down to him. His experience in local conventions, theatre and design make him the right person to guide the vision of what this convention will be.

Co-Chair: Business

Kelly Buehler

Kelly worked on her first convention in 1978, and hasn’t ever stopped. Her MBA and extensive experience in Management, Governance and Startup strategy make her the right person to guide the business of the convention.

Vice Chair: Business

David Gallaher

Dave Gallaher has been working on and running conventions for a number of years. He has worked as a gopher and convention chair, and many positions and areas in between. Norman notes that it’s partly Dave’s fault that the New Zealand in 2020 bid started.

Events Division Head

Mel Duncan


Exhibits Division Head



Facilitation Division Head

Lynelle Howell


Facilities Division Head

Ben Yalow

Ben is, shall we say, an institution in the convention scene. He combines vast experience, and the ability to get anyone to do anything… 

Finance Division Head

Andrew A Adams

Andrew attended his first con in 1989 in order to promote a con he was on the committee for six months later. He’s since chaired the Eastercon, run the Exhibit Hall division at Nippon in 2007 and attended and worked on far too many cons for the good of his sanity. Hence being a Brit, living in Japan and working on a New Zealand Worldcon bid.

Information Technology Division Head

Grant Preston


Member Services Division Head



Operations Division Head

Rick Kovalcik


Programme Division Head

Jannie Shea


Promotions Division Head

Nikky Winchester


Publications Division Head

Darusha Wehm


Registration Division Head

Lorain Clark


Tech Division Head

John Maizels

A Fan since he was able to read and a Tech regular at WorldCons since 1985, John says a lot of what he now does professionally was learned at Cons – especially the underpinning skills used in much of life and non-Fan events. He’s done most things in radio, television and live production, is an IT hack, can cook, and has Chaired a heap of technical conferences. John is happy in any role from gopher to bean-counter provided the job comes with decent coffee. Travels as much as he can, but loves living in Sydney. Regards “­And He Built a Crooked House­” and “Mimsy were the Borogoves” as stories which shaped his life.

Welcome Division Head

Sharon Sbarsky


WSFS Division Head

Colette Fozard