Customs and biosecurity

You will clear Customs in the first city in which you arrive in New Zealand; for most people this will be Auckland. This is usually straightforward; however, please note: New Zealand’s economy depends on our agricultural sector and biosecurity is taken very seriously. 


New Zealand has very strict biosecurity laws. Do NOT bring fruit, vegetables, meat, or any other food or fresh plant products into New Zealand – either throw it in the rubbish or declare it. You will face an immediate fine of $400 if caught. 

For more detailed information about biosecurity, please visit the Ministry for Primary Industries website.

Digital search law 

Recent law changes mean that customs officials can search your personal electronic devices, and can ask you to unlock the device or provide the password. There is a potential fine of $5000 for non-compliance, though this would have to be enforced by a Court judgment, and only then if Customs decides to prosecute the traveller.  

Customs “must be able to point to facts or circumstances that provide a ‘reasonable suspicion’ that the traveller in possession of the electronic device is involved in criminal offending.”