Message to Members – Experience a Taste of CoNZealand Now

Kia ora,

The past four months since we decided to pivot to a virtual CoNZealand convention have been a bit of a blur, and our crew are working all hours to get ready for lift off in just a few days. Creating the first ever virtual Worldcon from scratch has been a huge undertaking, but we are so excited to share it with you soon.

Some of you may have had the chance to try a virtual con with other events over the past couple of months, but for many this will be your first foray into the online convention world. It’s quite different!

To help get you used to how CoNZealand will work, we’ve set up access to parts of our virtual ‘convention hall’ early, and you are now able to go have a bit of a sneaky peek and try some of it out.  

Remember, this is not the full convention experience – that will launch at 08:00 Wednesday 29 July NZST (Tuesday 28 July at 13:00 PDT, 16:00 EDT, 21:00 BST)

Information

We have a special virtual CoNZealand website where you will sign-in to access all of the broader CoNZealand action. You need to sign-in using the email address with which you registered for CoNZealand. NO OTHER EMAIL ADDRESS WILL WORK.


Click here to get started and begin exploring a bit of CoNZealand.


Full instructions on how to sign-in are available on the page along with troubleshooting information and how to get in touch for technical support. Note, please allow a bit of time to complete the initial sign-in. We’re smoothing out some bumps as we go…


Once you’ve completed your initial sign-in, you can still use this page to sign back in later on, just scroll down to the Members sign-in section further down the page. You should not need to complete the initial log on, but may need to re-enter your password.


Note – if you can’t remember the email you used for your membership, or are unsure of your membership status, contact us at


What is Opening for Early Access?

CoNZealand Virtual Con Website

This is where you land when you first sign-in. It is a new attending members-only site which will have all the key information for you once you are ‘at’ the con, including our at-con newsletter (the Cruise Log) and information about what to expect in our Exhibits Hall where our artists and dealers will be based. 


This site is still being updated regularly, so expect to see more added over the next few days.


Discord CoNZealand Server

You will be able to join our con server and access some of the channels/rooms. This is the convention floor and the main social hub of the con, where you can chat with other members (text or in one of our audio channel rooms), or even have a virtual beer (we’ve got this social distancing thing down!). 


We strongly encourage you to give Discord a go, even if you’ve not tried it before, so you get to enjoy the collegial aspects of a Worldcon and meet some awesome new people.


Important Notes on Discord:

  • Your Discord account must be connected to the same email address that you used to register for CoNZealand.
  • There’s still time to catch a Discord training session before the con starts – check the schedule and sign up here. You can also check out the ‘How to Discord’ channel once you get on the CoNZealand server. 


Grenadine CoNZealand Programme – Now With Log In

We know you’ve been itching for this since we released the initial programme last week. With the early access you will be able to log in to the Grenadine CoNZealand site and start putting together your own CoNZealand schedule. Caution, may cause much angst due to the many difficult decisions required when faced with so many fantastic programme options!


Important Notes on Grenadine: 

  • You will need to use the main virtual CoNZealand sign-in link above to access the Grenadine site the first time. Once you’ve completed this set up, you should be able to use the log in link on Grenadine to re-access the site. 
  • You will not be able to sign-up for events where we have a limited number of spots for attendees like kaffeeklatsche and workshops right away.
  • Sign-ups will be available at 01:00 on 27 July 2020, NZT.
  • Once you are logged in to Grenadine, you can set your own time zone in the ‘My Account’ settings. While the main schedule will still only display in NZ time, individual programme item detail pages will show both your local timezone and the NZ time when you click into them. Instructions on setting your timezone and other customisations are available here.


Will This Mean I’ve Completed Registration Ahead of the Con Starting This Week?

Effectively, yes. Once you’ve completed your initial sign-in and gained access to the virtual site, CoNZealand schedule on Grenadine, and the Discord server, you are all set for Wednesday.


Note, there are specific procedures for participants such as artists and dealers. You will be contacted directly by the teams managing these areas to share all the information you need to get ready for launch.


As ever, we will share more information with you as we have it to hand. This is very much going down to the wire, so please be patient with us – this has literally never been done with a Worldcon before, but we are confident it will all come together and we will all be getting our con on very soon!


Ngā mihi

CoNZealand team